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I am having the most confusing time yet with my new project. The current boost control consists of a 3 port electronic boost control solenoid and a 38mm external wastegate. I am currently tuning with ms3 in tunerstudio. I have my boost control setting correct as far as frequency for my solenoid, etc. I wll note that my lower limit delta is 100 kpa. I currently have it on closed loop setup mode, where i am just tuning the duty table. I first began with boost control off so that i was soley my wastegate limiting the boost. This worked and it functioned well, acceleration stayed smooth while the wastegate operated. I then enabled boost control and put the entire table to 15% except for the first two i left at 100 for quick spooling. The boost was limited to around 15 psi and the wastegate audibly functioned well and acceleration remained smooth. However, this is where my need for a solution begins. As i ramped up the duty cycle, my boost increased, however when the wastegate operated (opened and closed) it sounded a lot more violent (not a smooth) and acceleration was choppy, very slow, and violent. I cannot figure this out whatsoever. I've put on over 150 miles yesterday adjusting and making runs. I would appreciate any tips. Thanks!

Try checking the operating frequency range of the boost solenoid. It may be written on it depending on the brand.

I haven't used the software you have but I found in Linkg4+ there is a table to set the solenoid frequency. I had to increase mine up from 15 to 26.

Prior to this I could really hear the WG operating/pulsing and the change improved it vastly

Rob W, i already have mine set per its requirements, 26. Thank you!

Hello Tyler may i suggest on this you add your tune file and a log either on here or the MS forum

Regards Ross

Ross, i tried attaching a log file and it said that that type of while wouldnt work. How can i post it?

I think the forum will accept zip files, so just make a compressed zip file from your log file and attach that.

I believe i may have found a soltuion. After reviewing my log, i see that as i reach the higher boost levels and as my wastegate is functioning, it gets very rich. I leaned it out and it acted much better.

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