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Tuning drag setup no coolant

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I have a 3sgte engine which suffered a hairline crack in cylinder 2, these engines are notorious for blocks cracking. There is a race coming up and I decided to fill the water jackets completely and run it dry.

I have installed a large oil cooler and will be running e98 fuel, the car just needs to be able to do a pass and that's it with ample cooling time before going again.

Does anyone have any tips on running a setup like this, would a lambda target of 0.7 be sufficient to keep the head cool or should I run it a bit richer?

Are you still running coolant through the head? Normally a setup with no coolant at all would be restricted to methanol due to that fuel's requirement to run extremely rich, coupled with its cooling properties. We ran my old EVO drag engine like this with just water through the head and a solid filled block and it worked out well but was a bit of a pain to tune as it required a lot of time between runs to cool down.

I can't say whether or not E98 will work out for you but you can only test and see. While running it richer will aid cooling, unlike methanol, you'll see power drop away if you run as rich as 0.70

Just to clarify, are you intending to run the block while still cracked, with the coolant passages filled?

Unless you really need to run it, perhaps for a series' championship points, and have (a) spare block(s), might be better to give the race a miss and build up another block, partially filled to a leave some coolant space above the weak points of the bores? Maybe sleeve the one you have and/or build up the replacement with sleeves?

I say that because there's always the chance of the crack turning into a totally destroyed engine, depending on how badly it is cracked, and how hard you're leaning on it.

I have filled the cracked block, I don't really care if I destroy this engine at all. There is no way for me to get coolant to the head easily because the water pump feed is basically at the bottom of the block. What's the best way to monitor engine temps with no coolant, I would assume oil temp and an infrared thermometer as a backup? If I could run M1 I would but the fuel system is not up to the task. How does E98 compare to M1 in terms of cooling?

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