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We started a tuning project with a client with a highly modified EVO IX . He took the car to a "tuner" and blowed up the engine, they said they coulnd´t control the amount injected above 4000 RPM.

The idea is to produce 950 hp, what sizing of injector do you recomend, what tuning strategy should we follow, start with wastegat boost, ignition of fueling. the engine was forged to sustain 50 psi at manifold.


Is that 950whp or fwhp?

What ECU?

What fuel?

Can you explain what they meant by couldn't control the amount injected?

What is the design of the fuel system?

Wow man thats not so good news.but yes something must be very wrong there.what ecu you guys are using and what kind of fuel .


There are 2 evos, both have the same forged internals but the difference between the 2 is the turbo. One has a precision turbo stage 3 for 900 hp (crank) with a haltech plug in ecu, another tuner here took the car mounted on the dyno a damaged the engine. The owner of the car told me they had trouble getting the AFR right above 4000 rpm, so they said the mixture was so rich that the amount of fuel injected "liquified" the oil , and the low viscosity of the oil damaged the engine . The fuel system is an AMS kit. The fuel in 91 octane (95 RON) + water meth inyection. According to what I understood the couldn´t control the amount inyected according to the desired AFR.

Now that doesn't sound right to me. Any pictures of the damaged parts (pistons,...)?

Problem is, 95 octane won't work at all at this power level! As you raise the boost you have to retard the ignition that much, that the exhaust temperatures are skyrocking and the engine end all parts get much to hot. As hotter the engine is as more knock prone is it. From my experience everthing about 1.5bar is getting quite critical with low octane fuels (95-98 octance). Regardless of the turbo and engine , 2.0bar of boost with 98 octane or lower is something that doesn't work in high load situations (race track).

You really want to change to a race fuel or E85 at least.

While you're absolutely right about 95 octane fuel Adrian, I think that the water/meth injection helped them cooling down the combustion chamber to a certain degree.

I wouldn't necessarily say, that it was sufficient at those power levels - more likely it was not - but depending on the water/meth mix it can help tremendously with shifting the knock threshold.

Anyways, I would guess, that the engine suffered from knock or detonation, rather than over fueling - but that's just a wild guess ;)

Could you post some pictures of the damage?

My monies on crank/bearings if the tuner has said the oils been dilluted, KGPerformance ;-)

Regardless of all of this, were they using the water meth at this point of the tuning?

What fuel pressure are they running and who's injectors? AMS don't make their own.

What boost level had they reached?

Do you have a copy of the map you could share? It could be a setting they've missed

I've tuned a few 4G63's punching out 1000 whp or thereabouts and wouldn't consider it on a pump fuel, regardless how much water injection you're using. It just isn't going to work or be reliable. Try E85, Q16 or VP Import and you will be fine without the need for WI.

There is a bunch of information missing to make an informed decision about what went wrong in the engine failures. Give us some more input as requested and we will see if we can help you further. In the mean time though get rid of the pump gas.

So for both 650 hp and 900 hp pump gas is not an option...

650 to 900 hp is not a option at all .i suggest to build the fuel map first and make sure you have a safe timing map with decent amout of boost like 15 to 20 psi boost than spry the methanol injection

So if we run E85 what size of injector system would you suggest (fuel pressure, injector sizing etc...) based on your experience.

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