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Tuning for Turbo + ITBs on Haltech Elite

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I've watched the webinars on using TPS and MAP with 4D tuning when using a turbo setup with ITBs, and now I'm struggling to select the best ECU. I've heard outstanding reviews on the Haltech Elite series, but I think the lowest end option for any type of 4D tuning is the Elite 1500. Does anyone (Andre or another member) have experience tuning a Turbo + ITB setup with a Haltech Elite ECU? Is 4D tuning possible?


Yes, absolutely you can use the Elite. In fact if you're using the VE tuning mode then it's very simple because you just select TPS for the load axis of the fuel table and MAP as the load axis for the Lambda target table. You could also choose to add a generic MAP-based compensation table for fuel to fix the inevitable rich condition you'll see under high load and rpm where the turbo starts to choke a little.

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