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Tuning Fueling based off of STFT?

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I have a simple question about tuning the idle of a ford focus SE within HP Tuners. Within the editor, I am able to only adjust the long term fuel trims. What I need to do is adjust the fueling by 50% based off of the short term fuel trim being at 50%. What should I adjust in order to achieve a nice idle? Logs attached

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it seems your engine running too lean might be mechanical issue, are you using stock injector? what is your mods list, is the intake stock?

It is currently on a Ford RS throttle body, Ford Focus ST injectors, Intake manifold and a CAI intake that has the same diameter as the stock intake tube.

can you send me your tune and stock one i will see if i can help you

Here is the current tune file I will add the stock file when I get home

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Stock File

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