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i was looking into getting the lm2 wide band for my tuning buisness. Right now i can not afford the knock detection kit. Will this prohibit me from tuning ? Is anyone selling any used ones?

Also will i need the knock detection with an engine thats not knock limited

How do you know the engine is knock limited without knock gear?


buy that, its cheap, and constantly updated. All you need is a bosch knock sensor, some cable, and a microphone plug, and obviously running it into your laptop

What do you mean?

I dont know what knock gear is tbh

Edited my post, sorry, misunderstood the wideband part.

The knock gear=knock detection stuff. I linked you to a good program to use with a knock sensor on a headphone jack. If you cant build that you shouldnt be tuning (=

Hey would u mind textinf me ? 5203969078 itll be alot of help lol. Like alot lol

Here is the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw-QfLgamUQ

Ill try to text you this week. Its sunday and im relaxing. Dont want to do too much technical support right now (=

Thanks dude i just need some one to clear it all up im just simply confused as to how to works im a noobie. Do you work with hp accademy?

No, just another tuner. I started learning from these guys a year and a half ago. You really should take some of the courses, if you havent already. Not having a clue what you are doing can blow shit up in a hurry (=. Andre explains stuff very well

Yea i finished efi and the afr class about to start my stand alone ecu tuning class. Just need the equipment i have to get for street tuning. I want the be the best i can be and i dont know i dont want bad gear lol

Hey evan i dont wanna sound rude but the software you showed me seems kinda unprofessionaland seems as if it doesnt work. Does it work? lol

It is in its new stages, but updates dont cost any money. It has good feedback so far. I have yet to use it, ive been meaning to, to aid my friend in its development, but I use the Phormula kit and dont really need it.He has been getting alot of feedback and is updating it constantly at this stage. It does exactly what you would want it to do, filter out knock from the rest of the noise. knock frequency is based on bore diameter. So for example, a 2jz has an 86mm bore, which would be approx 6.4 khz knock frequency. So, with that software, you could set the filter at say, 6.2 low and 6.8 high, and monitor it on each pull with the record and review feature. Its basically doing in software exactly what something like Phormula or any other filtered knock gear. The idea is exactly as he says. You do a pull with known safe timing numbers (which you will learn as a tuner, obviously best way to learn is dyno) and use that as your base line for the noise. You then set knock just above the threshold of the noise, and add timing, watching for increases on the dyno, and watching the knock count of the software. Street tuning is NOT a very good way to get your timing good. You need to be able to quantify gains or losses based on the timing added, so that you know when you have hit MBT. If you are NOT knock limited, you may over advance on the street and actually lose power.

The only way youre going to get cheaper than this, is to get some copper pipe, rubber hose, and some ear muffs, and make your own Detcans. You can google that one.

So if i wanna street tune i really beed to worry about AFR for right now and kinda skip ignition till i get a dyno?

yeah. I mean, you would want knock gear so that you know you ARENT knocking. Or whatever you tune needs to have it built in i guess.

Ok cool ill just tune with a wide band for right now

I'd strongly suggest you save up for knock detection equipment as well as a wideband. I can guarantee it will be a lot cheaper than a new engine. Without knock detection equipment you're simply blind to whether the engine is knocking. It's a potentially dangerous and expensive situation.

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