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Tuning in Lambda or AFR

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I have just finished the practical standalone and tuning fundamentals courses. Andre recommends to tune in Lambda...

Does that mean you still need the Lambda sensors on the car? Or can you still use your wideband sensor, but have the wideband/ecu read in lambda instead of AFR?

AFR and Lambda are the same thing, just expressed in different units. 'Wideband Sensor', and 'Lambda Sensor' are also different names for the same thing :-). Note we're not talking about narrowband sensors here, as they are not a huge amount of help in the tuning process.

Spot on, you have your wideband sensor installed in the exhaust, and configure the ecu to give you its measurement in units of Lambda.

Excellent, thanks :)

Hurry up and put up a thread in the build section of your car, I really want to see pics of it! :-).

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