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Tuning Software for Mahindra Roxor

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Just getting started and need help finding tuning software and tools that support the Mahindra Roxor. Would like a full featured, laptop based software and need the ability to download and store current attributes, edit any and all ECU parameters, and then re-flash the ECU. The main stream software products that I've looked at do not appear to support Mahindra products (let alone the roxor). Guidance on a capable setup would be greatly appreciated.

sorry i have not heard of any software for them at all and nothing comes up when searching either

I do know there's at least one company that do tunes on that vehicle - I'll follow up on it, but the US importers could be a good starting point?

Also, I think these chaps had theirs tuned, if you look through their ROXOR build - https://www.youtube.com/c/Toolsinaction/search?query=Roxor

OK, from these guys' tuning site - https://www.vividracing.com/tuned-ecu-flash-tune-mahindra-roxor-25l-turbo-diesel-stage-p-152414222.html - it would seem it uses the Bosch EDC17C55. If so, it seems this - https://www.alientech-news.com/en/k-suite-3-36/ - may do the job.

NOTE, this may be incorrect and you need to check what ECU you actually have - it will have the model, part #. etc somewhere on it, and with that info' we might be able to find something else you can use.

For shits and giggles, also found this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04x7xRh2xco to go with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnlPJPrytN0

Thanks Gord. I want to be able to access and re-program the ECU exactly like the folks in your links; Vivid Racing and Duramaxtuner. I'm also aware of at least 4 other companies that are offering Roxor tunes. I'm just not sure how to find out what connection/programming tools they are using.

Yeah, fair enough they want to sell you the chipped CPU, it's how they make their money, but it doesn't help folks like you, for whom the Alientech seems a possible option.

If you can find out exactly what the ECU is, if different from what I posted, I'd be following up on that rather than a specific vehicle.

You are correct; The Roxor uses a Bosch EDC17C55 as you stated above.

K-Tag seems to come up a lot - rather pricey, though, especially for a casual/hobbiest tuner, unless you can find other vendors or tuning options - https://tuningbot.com/buyonline/

Might be worth reading these, too, first -




I would be VERY surprised if you couldn't find other options, using the ECU model in a search, though.

Thanks Gord. I'll take a good look at those sources.

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