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Tuning steady state without Dyno

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Hello All,

Background, motor= ej20 with 2200 crank, 2150cc stroker. Motor was fitted with Link viper ecu, wired etc. The motor was ruined on the dyno before, so this is a new motor same as previous motor. Going to start back at the beginning on the setup. Once I have verified wiring etc. and move on to the setup of the steady state fuel table. How do you set it up as I noticed on the webcam seminar that a dyno was used to set up this table? I plan on doing road pulls to try and get it dialed in till I can get it "tuned" on a dyno. Any help would be appreciated. Charlie

Why wouldn't you use the dyno for break-in and initial fueling? It's the ideal environment. You can focus on the engine / tuning, you don't have to worry about traffic and driving. It's shouldn't take long if you have an existing setup to use as a starting point.