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Tuning subarus using ecu flash.

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I have now tuned my 2008 Legacy gt but the boost controller is broken and I can't get the turbo to go above 6 psi of boost. My questions are: In ecu flash as far as I know they don't have the different modes as this legacy has si drive and has Intelligent, Sport, and Sport sharp modes. I tuned the base fuel and timing map, but the car does not feel any different in for the most part and throttle response doesnt seem to have changed much either. Just curious if someone has delt with these stock maps or not. Also the weather here right now is usually between -20 and positive 30 day to day, so I'm not doing much tuning, just curious on what temperatures are more ideal for tuning. I should be tuning an 02 wrx and an 05 sti and my legacy, but the other two don't have these diffent driving modes.

First, check for boost leaks.

When you say the boost controller is broken, be specific. What is controlling boost and how did it break?

Every 02-03 wrx I have seen in my local area had a boost controller from the factory that broke. When you try to turn the boost up or down nothing happens. I tried targeting 15 psi and before and after the tune the car would not go over 6 psi. I haven't tried a manual boost controller yet, but I am going to when it gets just a bit warmer. Also I installed a new turbo on this car and added new lines so i'm pretty sure there are no boost leaks.

change to a 3 port boost solenoid like the cobb one

ur car wont make any power at the boost level ur running like this

when u change the boost solenoid u need to change the wastegate tables and also the turbo dynamics tables

reduce by 30% and go from there...otherwise u will overboost and may easily break things

You should confirm that the BCS driver is functioning. The ECU should output a PWM signal to the valve.

Some cars will disable boost controller function if the ROM file checksums aren't correct. Not sure how Subaru handles this.

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