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Tuning Transient Fueling Haltech Elite

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Hi Andre,

I want some guidance when it comes to tuning the transient fueling on the Haltech Elite ecu's. I looked at the webinar in the archives on transient fueling on the older platinum series ecu but it seems as if the elite is handling things completely differently to that. Can you shed some light on if this really is the case?

My next issue is that default haltech have both the synchronous and asynchronous fueling enabled, I went ahead and switched off the async fueling and was of the opinion to keep things nice and simple I would tune only the sync fueling to begine with...is this a wise decision?

Also, can you explain exactly how the enrich rate table works? From what I understand by reading the help file it seems as if it might be wise leaving this table to the default values and actually doing my tuning using the "Enrich Amount Sync" table.

Which brings me to my final point, when I look at this table, the default numbers increase with RPM on the x axis whic doesn't make sense to me.....would we not need less transient fueling as rpm increases?

Looking forward to your response or anyone else that has a better idea of whats going on in the Elite,



Bump again....anybody?

For the third time.... can anyone shed some light?

Last try at this...can anyone give some insight?

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