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When tunning would it be better for me to disable the correction tables while i tune eg( air temp crrction,,, coolant temp crrction)??? Or it dosn't matter???

when your tuning you need a stable air intake temp and a stable coolant temp - when they are stable - set that part of the correction table to 0's - do the tuning while trying to stay at the stable temps

the set the rest of the correction tables to bring your tune safely back into line again when you are not at the stable temps.

Watch the webinars and the courses for more details on how to do this with a much better explanation than this was :)

Understood so once i have my set tune on a stable air temp and coolant temp i then make my adjustments to the correction table when i experience the differrent temps???

Yup - that sounds correct :)

Sorry for the slow reply - i forgot to tick the subscribe to topic - ticked that now lol

Lol its cool... thanks for the info... it was really helpful...

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