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Tunning issue on an 2l 16v abf engine

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Just bought an golf 1 with an abf engine with aggresive cams and an local manufactured ecu (dictator) so it starts easy and ideals happy idling at 1500rpm bud has an jerking effect to it when you try to pull away normal it bogs and while driving ander normal condition it has an jerking effect in it when jou drive it like you stole it it fine so it impossible to drive it any where as you bogging at traffic lights and you can't drive it steady

Are you able to log any data so you can determine what is happening? Possibilities -- Decel fuel cutoff is set in correctly and is turning off the fuel. Or idle control is trying to pull the engine speed back when you are asking it to accelerate. Or the ignition timing is not close to what the engine needs. Or the fuel map is not smooth in the area where you accelerate out of idle. Or the acceleration enrichment is too much.

Are you sure the base ignition timing is correct? Sometimes high-performance engines with high-strung cams just need to be detuned in the tip-in area just off of idle to prevent delivery an increase in torque too quickly. Or you just have to learn to use the clutch if it starts to buck.

Good luck -- those types of drivability problems can take a lot of time to diagnose. My suggestion get a repeatable test case (always happens at 14 mph with 5% throttle, etc). And change things (one at a time ideally) keeping careful note of the results. If the change doesn't help, put it back so you don't get lost.

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