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turbo speed borgwarner

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Hello to all . any of you know how to tell me how to connect this turbo speed sensor of the borgwarner to my ecu vipec v88 link g4? Thanks in advance

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It needs to be connected as described in the borg warner literature with a 5V supply, sensor ground and a digital input to the V88. The issue that you will have is that there is a frequency input limit on the V88 of 500 hz which will be of very little use to you. As shown by the calculation in the image you attached, a turbo speed of 100,000 rpm with a 14 blade compressor wheel would result in a frequency of almost 3 khz meaning on a 14 blade compressor you'd only be able to read up to about 17,000 rpm. You could look at options for frequency dividers from electronics suppliers to get the frequency down.

hello thank you for the advice I bought 4024 then I will tell you how it ended thanks again

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