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Turbo Speed Sensor Wiring

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Would it be advisable to use shielded wire for a turbo speed sensor? I figure that as it is similar to a trigger signal at an even higher frequency that it would be even more likely to pickup interference?

Has anyone got any information on wiring it to a Link Fury ECU? Does it require a signal conditioning box? or can the ECU read the signal directly

As a general rule I tend to run any high frequency inputs in a shielded cable which makes them less prone to picking up noise. The signal conditioning in the Borg Warner sensor that I've used is done inside the moulded connector of the sensor itself. The wiring for the sensor is +5V, 0V and a square wave output which you need to wire to a digital input on your Link ECU. The problem I think you're going to find is that the DI inputs on the Fury are limited to 500 Hz. From my understanding only the Thunder provides high frequency DI inputs that allow up to 6.5 kHz. I'm waiting to hear back from Link with a firm answer on this now.

Thanks. I await their response.

I have also considered adding turbospeed to my link extreme. However, André is right.. frequency is to high for most link ecu’s. You could fix this by adding a divider so the ecu will see a lower frequency and adjust scaling in the software.

My Maxxecu Race has a divider for this. Quite handy ;).

Old thread but hopefully someone can shed some light :-)

I also have a link G4+ and a EFR speed sensor and have seen other people use a divider circuit successfully to reduce the max pulses under 500hz for the DI inputs on the g4+.

My 1st question is: can I run a 3 core (24awg) shielded cable from expansion plug to the sensor ie 5V power, ground and signal? and have no issues?

Some kits you can buy appear to have this so any interference must not be an issue supposedly although they output a 0-5v signal to be fed to an analogue input.

The 5 volt will supply both the sensor and divider IC.

2nd question is: should the high frequency ground go to ECU ground and not the sensor ground on the expansion plug? read somewhere its best to keep high frequency grounds away from normal sensor grounds.

Any help much appreciated!

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