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Twin wastegate or Single

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Hi Im going to run my engine about 40psi of boost and I got a 50mm Turbo smart wastegate. My question is shall I use only 1 gate or I go for Twin 50mm.



Racetech, simple question but with lots of variables.

engine? V6-V8 4 cylinder? capacity?

fuel type?

turbo selected?

Is a ford 4 cyl, 1998cc, fuel type Vp import and turbo us Garrett Gt4w

Typically the only reason to run twin gates would be on a split pulse exhaust housing where you take one wastegate off each feed to the turbine housing. You can still use a single wastegate on a twin scroll turbo but for best results you want the twin scrolls of the turbo separated right up to the wastegate valve and this is tricky to achieve.

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