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Typical coolant pressure values

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Wondering if people can help on this, who's logging it what do you see.

I have recently started logging water pressure. The sensor is a KA 5 bar relative pressure sensor and it's in mounted in the bleed near the top hose location coming into the radiator. The cars not on an electric water pump so I'm not expecting it to remain constant with revs.

Don't think anything is wrong, it more about what should you expect to see. This isn't something many people log. I've done it so I can set alarms if the motor dumps coolant and has low pressure.

I have been tempted to add another sensor into the header tank to see what that looks like.

Logs attached for 3rd gear pull to give references on boost/temps etc.

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Looks normal to me, your running a 18psi relief cap by the look of it.

It’s a 21psi cap. But yeah, I thought it looked normal. Sometimes see peak 25psi on hard acceleration, but no spikes in pressure. Thanks for the reply. 👍🏻

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