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Hi guys, trying to understand voltage a bit better. I primarily will be using hondata but see alot of talk of voltage when people are talking about wieland and just generally taking about voltage when tuning. In what circumstances do we need to be looking at voltage as from what I've seen on the hondata worked examples theres not much to worry about with voltage except from when choosing your injectors?? Please help me understand this better so I can improve my knowledge guys. Cheers

Voltage is a pretty broad subject so it's a little tricky to answer your question in a specific way. Every aspect of the ECUs operation relies on voltage so it's critical in this respect. That being said, from a purely tuning perspective it's not something we normally need to worry about once the ECU is installed and configured. You may need to consider the calibration of some inputs such as the TPS sensor or wideband as the ECU receives a voltage from these sensors and converts it into a value we understand. For example the TPS may span 0.3-4.8 volts for example and when the ECU sees 0.3 volts it interprets that as 0% TPS.

If you've got more specific questions I'm happy to help.

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