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I am in the process setting up my build- 01 Audi B5 S4 Swapped 03 VR6 engine- Running EMU Black Standalone system- Custom Engine Harness-

I've got the engine up and running, idling properly. The issue that I have run into is that at about 4000-4500 RPMs I am getting a "UNEXPECTED MISSING TOOTH Error" causing the engine to stop from reving any higher- Runs, fuels, idles as it should. As soon as the RPMs drop below it will drive as expected. Feels as if rev limiter is being hit but have checked all presets and all looks as it should. The base map was started with EMU black's base map for the R32-

Curious to the ideas you guys have

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hello a scope test should show if it is the cam or crank sensor that is the issue it is possible that you may have the wrong edge selected on one of the triggers hopefully someone here has a base map that you can check the edge is correct

if there is a scope in the ECU can you post a screenshot of it

Regards Ross

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