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UPREV TT HR 350Z Issue

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Hey guys I have an issue with an UPREV AAM Twin Turbo Kit 350z. Car has AAM Twin Turbo EFR kit with blow thru OEM MAFs. Car has 3" downpipes and 3" AAM exhaust. Stock TB, stock intake Manifold and internals. My issue is the idle. With the Basemap provided at idle it would oscillate between 90-125% trims and idle would oscillate 800-1150 rpm. I tried doing the relearn and no luck. It gets worse with AC on.

I zeroed out the fuel map and did all the tuning thru the MAF table , it got a little bit better but still have the issue. Car gained about 50whp and 50tq at same spring psi (9.5 dropping to 7.5 psi at redline) with safe AFRs and zero knock count. Now trims are 95-105% at idle but it still oscillates and I have no idea why. I tried doing the relearn using my snap-on scanner and it times out and never completes. Looking for any ideas or tips.

I'll see if I can get Chris Wall to chime in on this as he has done a heap of UpRev tuning on the Z platform both N/A and F/I guise. He's on a beach somewhere in Bali at the moment so I'm not sure what the internet speed is like :)

Not that it explains the oscillation you're experiencing but I believe that you'll exceed the measurement range of the stock MAF pretty quickly on a F/I setup too so might pay to watch that.

Thanks Andre, so far I reached 4.6 volts according to the log , its set up as blow thru so i have little bit more room, just trying to figure out this idle =\


I have had a similar issue although was not just idle but transition as well, also this was on a single turbo.

One issue has been when you fit the 02 sensors to 1 pipe (after the turbo on a single setup) also fuel damper issues.

What injectors does it have and are you still running the return-less system?

Couple of things to try, turn off closed loop at the idle areas, this can be done by changing your target from lambda 1, maybe set it to .98 and see what your fuel mixtures do at the tail pipe.

Also another thing I have found on those motors is when the throttle body gets really gummed up it can cause the plate to stick, ECU then has to drive the motor harder to open it for idle and then will over shoot, then gets pulled back to far and sticks again. This will also cause oscillations in your trims and rpm. Maybe just try pop off the intake pipe and get in there with a rag and brakeclean/white spirits etc and clean the plate and throttle body where the plate rests against.

Alternatively attach a log file and I am happy to have a look.

As Andre mentioned I am away at the moment so unfortunately can't make it on here often until I am back next week, although will try my best.

Thank you Chris for taking time on your vacation to help me with this. The car is running DW600 injectors provided in the kit. It still has the factory returnless system with just an intank walbro 255 upgraded pump. The customer is driving the car around and over all it drives good but I found out the tuner who provided the map with the AAM EFR TT kit put in a safety "torque map" so the tb is closing as revs climb to reduce boost from 9.5 to 7.5psi. Have you ever seen something like this being used? He said i should see it under throttle map setting in UPREV but all I see is throttle map 1-5 nothing else. Maybe its because I only have the Tuner version not the Pro Cable. Enjoy your vacation !!!

No worries at all Tommy,

I personally haven't seen this or done it myself, although there is no reason why it can't be done.

In the logging does it show the TP closing?

You should be able to see this under the throttle maps and most likely map 1 (unless it has switchable maps turned on?)

In the higher rpm it should just show lower numbers indicating TP Closure.

Alternatively you can go to the bottom and under "Settings" you can disable the ETC so then it basically becomes 1:1, a lot of my customers love this as it makes the throttle very responsive.

I would strongly recommend not doing this if the car is AT is it won't blip/rev match on downshift and makes for a very harsh shift. Also you lose your cruise control if fitted.

Yes the throttle map numbers go lower in higher load, rev areas, I will have the customer come in and see what I can figure out. Thanks for all your help!

No worries Tommy, let me know how you get on.

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