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Urgent help needed - AFR readings

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I'm due to be heading to the track on Friday and was checking my map.

Can someone tell me whats going wrong with my AFR's? In the log file it seems to be steady at 1 most of the time, which can't be right at 1 bar boost, but when I go to the mixture map table it seems to have been recording but appears to be rich, for example - target 0.84, actual 0.57.

Is it likely that my LC2 is just playing up? Did this before and after a free air calibration.

I have attached the the map and log files, its on a link G4+. Any help is appreciated, don't want to blow up my RB, they cost too much.

Attached Files

Also getting fault code 23 AN Volt 5 which is my lamba. Not sure how to rectify this.

Wow, that does not look good. the log looks not too bad until 4500 or so and then goes to shit. With you log it won't show the mixture map figures but under properties it does not look to be set up right. Not the problem but your fuel map does not have much resolution-your fuel main number is too high and your main table numbers are too low. If it ran ok before I would be checking your fuel pressure and flow under boost, also your reg line may have come off but I don't think it would make it that lean. Let me know how you go.

Also noted that although the knock setup and threshold looks to be poorly set up, knock is well above the threshold/

Holy shit that mixture map is so fucked up, don't know whats going on there. Is your Inovate gauge and is it reading ok?

The fuel mixture map log actually shows it as being too rich. I am pretty sure my LC2 is playing up, I just went out another run and it worked for about a minute then just sat at 14.7 on the log no matter what I did.

Fuel pressure is fine, line must be connected as it changes with boost.

The problem I have is that in Northern Ireland and even the UK Mainland, there are next to no good mappers that I trust. I did trust the guy who did my mapping but not sure if that trust was misplaced.

Good chance if it is the 4.2 Bosch sensor, best too upgrade to the 4.9 set up. I used to go through heaps of 4.2's. You can always get someone to work on you map live via Team Viewer. I think the guy who tuned it had a reasonable idea just not the finer details.

looking at the voltage from the sensor it looks like you've got a dead sensor

Thanks for the replies guys, the sensor is definitely dead so I will see about getting that sorted before adjusting my fuel.

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