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using internal MAP for closed loop BARO comp MAXXecu

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On my engine (BMW S14 2.7l) I am running it Alpha N since you can't get a stable MAP reading with the ITB's. How do I use the internal MAP sensor for continuous BARO comp instead of only reading at startup? If I start the car at X elevation, and then go for a drive in the mountains and gain 3000' of elevation it of course is running pig rich. If I pull over and reset then it of course leans out when coming down. Also, at sea level where I live, the internal MAP reads 103kpa at startup and not around 101.325 like it should.Just checking to see if I can use the internal MAP instead of having to install and external BARO sensor. T

I'm sorry I'm not familiar with that particular ECU to say whether that's possible or not.

Standard pressure at sea level 101.325 kpa isn't necessarily the actual pressure any time you're somewhere at sea level. 103 kpa you're getting from the ECU is likely correct. Ambient pressure varies with altitude, temperature, and pressure variance due to weather conditions.

If you disconnect the MAP sensor from the manifold (and plug the manifold), you should be able to reconfigure that as a baro sensor. I would suggest you plumb it to the air box, so if there were any RAM air effect at high speeds, this would be compensated for.

In my experience Steve at MaxxECU USA has been very helpful, have you contacted them?


I cannot find in the setting where I can point MAP to the baro comp table. I have sent a note to Steve at Maxx.


It this what you are looking for?

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That is only at start up. Before starting the ECU reads baro for an instant from the internal map sensor. It doesn’t continuously read though. If I start the car at sea level and go to the mountains it will get pig rich. If I start the car at elevation and go back down it will be super lean.


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