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Using MegaLogViewer with Haltech (And possibly other ecu's)

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Talking about Megasquirt in another thread had me thinking about how good their logging software was...

Seems EFI Analytics have released a new version designed to also work with other ecu log files... WHICH IS GREAT

I dont know why haltech doesnt have it already as MS has had it for years.. but basically there is a histogram which you can set the X & Y Axis to the same as your fuel map and then it will fill each cell in with a third selected field.... AFR for Example or AFR Difference...

It will record a hit each time the log is within one of the sells and not the current AFR (or whatever you have selected) then take an average of all the readings... it then shades each cell according to how many hits you have in that cell... So with cells with alot of hits you know you can trust the data alot more then cells without hits.

The last few days I had been scouring through logs manually and slowly slowly working out where to make changes in my fuel map... This does it instantly and makes it so easy.

You can also filter the data to filter out transients, coolant too cold etc.

With a little bit of Excel wizardry I made one fuel map filled with your Logged AFR's from the Logger, A second table filled with your Target AFR's then a third Table does the math and gives you actual percentage fuel change required for your fuel map! this is as close to autotune as you can get. Plus its alot more accurate as its data taken from a multitude of hits not just the one time you swept through it or managed to hold it on that cell that one time.... Especially for road tuning.

I did have one issue where I have ITB's and boost so my fuel map load source is TPS but my AFR Target map source is manifold pressure, But I just used the histogram with the third axis as Target AFR and it gives you the Average Target AFR for each cell which I copied into the excel table... As long as I dont change boost settings for the duration of the log I think this would be quite accurate??

For a normal VE or MS base system it would be as easy as directly copying your Target AFR map across.

I understand the higher level Elite haltech ecu's basically have this same feature built in with their long term fuel trims for each individual cells.. I just wish they had it on their PNP systems...

Does Link or Motec etc have this?

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yes, link does have that feature ... not sure since when, but it's called mixture map and works very fell, with filters and all kinds of stuff.

Not sure on MoTeC, but their Data Analysis software is very powerful.

Its weird that Haltech doesnt... even with the new elite where they do have ltft for every cell I still dont think they have this type of logging capability natively

I've only just recently started using MegaLogViewer with Cobb log files and it is quite a powerful software package and you're right, the histogram is a very good way of correcting errors in your fuel/VE table. HP Tuners do a great job with the flexibility of the histograms in their software and I rely on them every time I use the HP Tuners scanner - I never understood why more manufacturers don't offer this functionality.

The Haltech Elite essentially does give you the ability to view this data by looking at the LTFT tables however no, you can't do this via the data logger.

Feel free to ask any general MLVHD questions here. The program has lots of hidden features and tricks that can be very useful to find issues in a tune. The larger and faster data rates make things easier to see.

Here is a PDF of a demo I put together a few years ago


And here is a YouTube video as I was popping around screens in MLV. Keep in mind that MLVHD works on lots of different systems.



I really love the mixture Map on PC LINK. Greatest tool ever for track tuning! So easy to use.

I realy miss that on MoTeC. There is a XY plot, but unfortunately no filters can be applied.

Does anybody have a good method in MoTeC i2 to go over logs asap and do the necessary changes in the fuel map?

I only know from a Tuner that he export to Matlab to do some form of a Mixture map. Think there should be really a easier way...

Hey Adrian, did you catch the last webinar we did on fuel mixture optimisation using i2? It might help you out - https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/132-using-datalogging-to-analyse-air-fuel-ratio-data-analysis/

There is the ability to 'filter' the lambda data to a degree but I agree, in many ways this aspect in i2 is quite limited. In that particular webinar I went through exporting the data in a .csv format and importing into MLVHD and using the histogram functionality. I find this is quite a powerful way of improving your fuel map quite quickly.

Alright, i'm going to watch the webinar and download MLVHD.

Thank you for the reply.

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