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Using Motec LTC with Haltech Elite 2500

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Hi everyone,

Has anyone had any experience with using a motec LTC with a haltech Elite 2500?

I have looked at the motec side - and using the LTC software, I can set up the CAN message, but can't figure out what the Haltech wants to see.

Am I wasting my time trying to figure this out? Or is there a chance it might actually work?



Hi Phohl,

You would need to write a CAN receive template for the LTC to get the messages into the Elite, I haven't used the Elites enough to know how free the CAN messaging is, but I would say that they have it pretty locked up. I haven't seen Haltech releasing a M1 Build equivalent that allows for custom firmware to be built.

Thanks for the reply BlackRex,

I checked the elite software this morning and yeah, it doesn't look like I can configure anything in the elite CAN wise. I was hoping I would be able to figure out what message the elite is looking for, and some how get the LTC to output that message, as you said.

I have the haltech CAN protocol but not sure if this is what I need - mainly cause I think it's the output information, i don't think it'll relate to input info. I'll keep looking into it. It seems like something that would be way too convenient to easily done. .



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That's the template for the CAN messages that transmit data out of the Haltech to dashes, so it wont help you with this. The usual process for getting CAN data into a device is that the device reading the data gets configured to do so, so you would need to get Haltech to do this. I can't imagine that they would want to do so, as they have a competing product.

Yeah, you confirmed all my suspicions. See how I go, but might just have to run different lambda setups between the two different ecu's for the time being.

Unfortunately the Elite will only accept a Haltech CAN wideband controller input. The CAN messages sent to the ECU from the WB2 actually aren't overly complex so if you had something you could use as a CAN bridge such as a Motec dash then you could read in the data from the LTC and send it out in a form that replicates a Haltech WB2 - Realistically unless you already have the dash, it would be a LOT cheaper to buy the Haltech WB2 though :)

Yeah, I just use a 0-5V input at the moment for lambda on the elite - using an innovate mxtl... but I have just killed another LSU 4.2 sensor, which is annoying.

I have been lucky enough to be loaned an m1, and was hoping if I purchased the LTC I could use it with the haltech, as the m1 may have to come out of the car at any notice. Which would let me to use the LSU 4.9 sensor, and hopefully they last longer than the 4.2s!

I have a mate with a ps1000, the haltech wb unit, and a motec C125 - might see if I can suss something out with that.



The mtxl can use 4.9 sensor, just buy the new cable with the plug and upgrade the firmware.

Theres also the option of using 2 teensy 3.2 controllers and relaying information between the two. This will get very deep into programming, but the price makes it an affordable solution.

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