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Using OEM Pressure/Temperature sensors with Haltech Elite ECU

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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has used OE manufacturer pressure and temperature sensors for their project cars. My reasoning behind the questions is that in using OE pressure temperature sensors you are taking advantage of all the validation work that the OEM has performed on that particular sensor as well as taking advantage of the massive price difference when compared to typical "aftermarket" sensors being sold by the likes of Haltech, AEM etc. This massive price difference I'm assuming comes from the shear volume being produced for OE's not necessarily meaning of inferior quality.

Another big advantage of using OE units is the availability of replacements locally could be the difference between having your car down for multiple days waiting on replacements or just going to your local auto parts and picking up an OE unit.

As an example I was looking at oil pressure sensor from GM to be used in my FD Rx7, this particular sensors is used in more than 200 GM vehicles including the 2019 Corvette ZR1. This sensor can be purchased as OE replacement part ~$45 US. [url=]

This is a massive difference in price when comparing to a Honeywell or Bosch unit that use stainless an not brass. A few of these in your build could potentially save you a lot of $$.

Same story for the likes of temperature sensors (IAT and Coolant temps).

Big caveat and what my main question is, is it possible to interface these OE sensors to work with a Standalone ECU's (Haltech Elite in my case). I'm thinking biggest hurdle would be confirming the calibration for these OE units.

Interested and hearing your thoughts on this. Thanks!

Great question, i'm all ears too