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Using wasted-spark coil pack (from EDIS-6) with Haltech Elite 750

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Hi all!

I have a Nissan L28 engine that is currently operating on MegaJolt ignition and carbs. MegaJolt (ignition controller) utilizes the Ford EDIS-6 ignition module (three channel) with a 3-pack "dumb" coil.

I am converting my carbs to Jenvey ITB's, and have purchased a Haltech Elite 750 for this purpose.

It would be very convenient for me to utilize the existing coil/wire arrangement and crank sensor with the Haltech ECU. EDIS-6 utilizes a 36-1 trigger wheel, which i currently have mounted and is operational.

Reviewing the Haltech quick-start guide, it appears I need a three channel ignition module to work with my existing coils. Alternatively I could utilize the EDIS-6 ignition module but it is not a 3-channel input. It has a "PIP" and "SAW" digital communication with the current MegaJolt brain to control ignition timing.


1) Do you have any recommendations for a cost effective 3-channel ignition module to work between Haltech and my coil 3-pack?

2) Alternate to #1 above, does anyone have experience managing an EDIS-6 module from a Haltech Elite ECU? Is so, any details on how I can do this would be appreciated! This would certainly be the fastest approach i would suspect.

3) Since I am running wasted-spark at this time, any drawbacks I should be aware of when using a 36-1 VR crank trigger to run Haltech? If I understand correctly, I don't really need CAM/home sensor if I am running wasted spark?

I can eventually unlock additional budget to fully utilize the 6 ignition outputs on the Haltech 750, but I suspect the gain will be small relative to the expense at this time.

I haven't done that combo, but for question 3, no there is no drawback, and I suggest using a triggering system which is a bit future proof, so you can go direct spark in the future.

I imagine Haltech may have direct suggestion on the ignition module for you that they feel is the best fit with their ECU.

Thanks for the reply! Sounds good. I can get an optical sensor to fit over my unused distributor spline. That should future proof for sequential and direct spark.

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