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V8 tuning with a dizzy

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Hoping someone can shed some light on the most efficient way to tune ignition on a Distributor running msd.

Here we run alot of V8s running methanol mechanical injection.

They normally set there full advance to come in at 3000rpm,

They dont run a front pulley and have no timing marks to use a timing light.

Is the best option to steady state at 4000 rpm find MBT then move into ramp runs?

And each time move the dizzy to find the optimal torque curve.

How is the Ignition advance controlled? Springs or through ECU?

You must be running a damper/dampener, you can fabricate a pointer and mark the damper for TDC and in 5 degree steps - you used to be able to purchase suitable calibrated tape marked in degrees for the most common damper diameters, if you want to check up on that.

Some vehicles had their timing marks on the flywheel, timed against an opening in the bellhousing, which may also be an option - even if you only have an accurate TDC marked, most timing lights can be adjusted to correct for the advance used.

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