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VCM scanner setup

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Hey guys, Just a quick one.

Setting up the VCM scanner and want to change the spark advance and spark retard tables to read cyl airmass (g) not map.

Can get the scale copied over but reads linear across top row not following normal graph.

Also how do I set up a custom graph and pid for maf calibration? I have set up the graph to read maf freq but I want the logged data to be like afr err so easier to calibrate and show the % err.

Any help be mint! Thanks in advance


This is all covered in detail in the worked examples section of the Practical Reflashing course so I'd suggest having a look - Particularly the MAF/SD worked example.

If you right click in the histogram section of the scanner software you can modify or add your own custom graphs. I'm not sure I follow your question? When you change the load axis from MAP to cylinder airmass you need to change both the parameter as well as the breakpoints. Again I go through this exact exercise in the worked example.

If you want to set up a histogram for MAF scaling, use the MAF frequency as the column axis and copy the break points from your MAF cal table in the editor. The scanner software has a math channel for EQ error that you can log into that histogram and you're good to go. This is also covered in the worked examples.

I'll check it out now and try it tomorrow, thanks

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