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Ve numbers seem very high

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The setup is a turbocharged 2.0l f20c. Honda s2000

brian crower cams forged rods/pistons. Precision 6466. Id2600x injectors. 2 Walbro 550’s in a surge and a 340lph in the fuel tank. Active Aem fuel pressure sensor and static fuel pressure set to 45psi

just to get the vehicle to idle it wants 125 in the ve idle section. As I climb into positive pressure 2psi and up I’ll get a ve range from 2psi at 105 ve to 14psi at 135-140 ve. The car will end up being run to upwards of 30psi and Currently I’m just on the non vtec set of lobes of the cam. My fear is that I feel as if I’ve missed something to see ve numbers this high and I need to stop and reevaluate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Injector latency values too low. Or your injector phasing it shooting fuel out the exhaust on overlap. I would suggest mainly the former but possibly both.