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I am running a VEMS ecu on a vr6. It has tune by statistics on it. You would need to smooth the ve table in order to use it properly. Any info would be awesome!!

Fueling on motors have predictable and repeatable patterns. Spikes in a fueling map is seldom the correct answer. I do tend to use smoothing on the VE table after using any sort of autotune method.

I like to create a field MAPxRPM and compare that to Injector Duty Cycle. Most motors (when correctly tuned) will display a straight line when plotted in a scatter plot. Potential problem areas in the tune will jump right out at you in the plot.

Hope this helps and have fun tuning


Thanks Andy, i need more of a depth course lol. Attached is my 3d fuel table. Maybe you can take a look at it and tell me where i went wrong or what i did right. I am very green to this. Plus the motor in the car now is a junk yard motor so i can practice on it until i get my other motor from the machine shop.

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Can you get the raw data log off your system to export a CSV file?


Let me see

is this it?

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Yep, that is what we need. It opens right up in MLV HD. We need to verify that your wideband is calibrated and is reading correctly by your tuning SW. You are showing really lean most everywhere. We need to check the voltage coming out of your alternator. The voltage looks fairly unstable. It appears that you AE is coming in and out.



wideband is good just a base map in there until i get my big cam motor back. My turner will deal with that. I am just learning on the junk yard motor.

I need a new alternator it is getting tired but it will fluctuate. if the lights are off it will be 13-13.50 lights on with fan running 12-12.50

AE? im new to this lol

I attached the og 3d table

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AE is Acceleration Enrichment. It goes by several different names depending on your tuning software package.

see https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/110-fuel-film-quick-set-up-motec-m1/

Regarding your VE table, the smoothness of the surface plot is not what you need to work on at this point in the tuning process.


Here is what AE normally looks like. This happens to be data off my Honda B18C Type R ITB race car.



The difference between the Duty Cycle and the Duty Cycle Base is the AE coming on. Keep in mind that in the second screen shot, the log is only about 2.6 sec long. Your data looks way more spiky as it AE is triggering several time in the same event. That will drive your tuning effort crazy.

Any time the MAPxRPM is fairly smooth but your Duty Cycle is not following the same pattern, I question what is happening.

Here is what the data typically looks like on a tuned motor (assuming it is not ITB) This is data off my Motec, 300 HP jetski.


Have fun tuning


Gotcha, so rather than thinking my VE table is to blame. It is really the tip in and tip off off throttle causing all kinds of rich/lean spikes. I just don't know what does what on my ecu if I go to Acceleration Enrichment. The Motec that he uses in the the link you showed had all sorts of settings that i dont have in my VEMS. SMH

Bump Still would like to know how to smooth a VE Table.

Smoothing depends on the tools you have to work with. Does your tuning SW have a smoothing function? Lots of systems have one.

I have done with Excel but it not all that easy unless you are fairly strong at Excel and math. Your tuning SW has to be able to accept a copy/paste from excel.


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