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VEMS ecu and IAT sensor

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Hi everyone. My ecu came wired with the gm (oval) style plug.My sensor is located on the bottom of the short runner intake, between two runners. I replaced the sensor thinking it was bad, but the new one was the same. It only went up (24c to 26c)2 degrees Celsius on a 10min drive. My coolant temp was at 70c. When I turned off the car, I sat there and watched it climb from 26c to 50c. I turned the car back on and it jumped back down to 40c. It's 80f today.

I tested the sensor and resistance goes down when it heats up. From my research it's the correct type of sensor, ntc. These are the numbers I got when I attached my multimeter:

30c at the tip measured with infrared thermometer

2.3kohm, .636v

Attached is an image of the MAT Sensor curve on my ecu.

Attached Files

airflow will keep the iat cooler than when stopped.

unless i'm reading this wrong, it seems you aren't datalogging to see the changes between idle, cruising, WOT, and engine off key on temps along with voltage during those operating conditions.

Thank you for responding. Usually when I don't get a response, I know I'm thinking the wrong way. I was datalogging the entire time. But, turns out I had to replace valve stem seals and, I'm still running rich. There's oil sitting on each piston. I'm assuming my "engine builder" fleeced me for $700. Trying to buy new rings from Wiseco and new headgasket. Thanks again though!

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