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VEMS MAT/TPS correction

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Hi so i spent a ton of time veiwing all the video and tuning this car it is a s50 swap e30 i set the correction be fore i started left foot breaking then data logging to higher boost areas and i had everything tuned with in .003 or so 080 at 18 psi and 4500 except the tale end of my hard pulls which got down to .073 to 069 ish and that was very towards red line.. all tuning was done at night around 40c during the day when the owner picked it up it was even richer so i know my correction is off. today i went out to tune and now things are way off about .005 lean on the cruise and it was about 010 lean up top. so i added 10% fuel and it didn't get better ended up maxing my duty cycle out and im still lean so its got me think i'm getting a rich miss fire but the car never stopped pulling so it seemed weird. second am i doing it right set correction table then tune ve then go back and add remove correction as needed to remove the amount the ego correction uses? Next the cilent did change the gearing between all this too can the change the tune i figure a litte but 10% plus %?... what am i missing ? how do i get i stable between night day hot cold?

tune and link to VEMS software


sorry it wont let me upload my tune

You have plenty of questions there, first the VE map needs to be tuned before you start tuning the correction maps. If your injectors are maxed out then stop!, you need to get bigger injectors or up the fuel pressure.

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