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VF Redline with Supercharger fitted + water injection + 3 BAR MAP sensor- Injector DATA required

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I have a customer with a VF redline who has an Eaton Supercharger fitted, with GM 12598646 part number injectors.

I am having trouble finding the correct injector DATA for these injectors

1 - does anyone have a link with solid data that matches the HP tuners X and Y axis for the 3 criteria required?

The car is only going to run 9.5 PSI, but the kit came with a 3 BAR map sensor ( apparently- I see there is a 3 bar map sensor for the water injection but customer seems to think its for the ECU also, I havn't seen the car yet )

2 - Will I have any issues applying the 2 BAR SD file to the vehicle and utilizing those numbers? If not what is the process here?

Mainly wanting the correct Injector Data and needing to know if the 2 bar SD will work with 3 bar MAP sensor fitted or is there a way I can get a 3 bar SD patch?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, tuning side of things isn't going to be a problem once I find my way through HP tuners.

Threads like this one on HPTuners Forum, lead me to believe that you could get the injector characterization values for the LSA/LSX/LS9 injector from a ZL1 tune found on the HPTuners repository.

I found other threads when I googled "HP Tuners 12598646"...

Ok thanks I'll have a look. I did find some data that was for HP tuners but the numbers on the X and y axis didn't match the numbers I needed (well unless HP are just using a different lable), I thought it would be a little bit easier to get the data required but a solid link with a definate answer has been proving difficult.

As for the 3 Bar map sensor, I contacted the supplier who said he only supplies the kit with a 2Bar sensor, but the customer has bought a 3 bar water injection kit (assume it wires into what he believed was a 3 bar sensor) so now between the supplier and customer we arnt sure exactly what map sensor is fitted. Joy.

Have injector data all good.

Customer has definitely got a 3Bar map sensor fitted but I can only apply a 2Bar SD OS.

Do I just change the 2 Bar Map numbers to the 3 Bar numbers I have found ( was 300 something and 10 something from memory ) and then tune as normal?

Will only run 9.5 psi so it didn't need the 3 Bar not sure why he got it.

If I recommend he changes it to a two bar he will need to change his water injection kit and I don't want that.

You should be able to scale the sensor input to match the sensor that you have. Sorry, I don't have enough HP Tuners experience to give you a step-by-step solution. Usually there will be a calibration or translation table that shows the relationship between voltage and manifold pressure.

Hi Damien, just enter the scaling data for the 3 bar map sensor and it will read correctly but only up to 2 bat (if that makes sense)

Makes sense that's what I thought. Cheers. All good

With the water injection how would you guys set it up I'll attach what kit he has. I have never had to run water system so not sure if it's a full throttle idea, or anything in power enrichment or full time.

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All good I see it works on boost pressure. Anyone know how much water these spray and how long it's going to last this bloke being a daily driver?