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Voltage regulation for fuel system mapping

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Hi Guys,

I had an idea and i need some feedback.

I am trying to figure out a way of improving my Injectors dead times and fuel pressure mapping over voltage. The project is 1.3lt NA club level rally car on Elite 1500. (injectors are 140cc , or alternatively 250cc or 400cc as upgrades).

I come up with the idea of an external PWM controller controlling the pump power and the injector power in 2 separate steps. This way i could adjust the voltage seen by the respective components, without changing anything else.

Is there any sense in this idea?

Will the PWModulation affect the injector pulses?

Will a normal pump survive some time of PWM control?



pwm to an injector power is not ideal at all. i am saying this with no real data of proving it will not work. i really think it wont work though BUT

i say give it a go and find out and share your findings

thinking out side the box is good way to learn

Regards Ross

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