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VQ37 race harness no spark

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I can't get the coils to spark.

I have 12V key on/crank power supply at the coils.

I have good grounds.

Crank signal OK

CAM signal OK

Injectors are pulsing.(noid light testing)

ECU is tuned to run without anything else and the immobiliser is turned off.

Here is my oscilloscope showing me the ignition signal...It looks weird to my knowledge of ignition signal but at this point it's the only thing I can see that is wrong...

thanks for your input.

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What ECU are you using ?

was there any mechanical work done on the engine prior to harness replacement?

I'd think, that it's still running on the factory ECU with either EcuTek or UpRev, correct Chuckk?

I have yet to see a PlugIn ECU with working cam control for this engine.

John Reed told me, that he might do some working on reverse engineering the factory ECU, so that he can write a custom M1 firmware, but that could take a while ;)

Yes you are correct OEM ECU and I used uprev. Only motec at this time that supports VVEL control.

No mechanical work was done prior to removing the harness.

any more info on the MoTeC solution for the VQ37? ;)

PlugIn, WireIn, Adapter Harness? ... we've built supercharged VQ37 and are using UpRev aswell, but I find it a bit limiting, to be quite frankly.

If I remember it is with the M150.

As a matter of fact here is a video with it running.

For my problem, is it possible that the ecu is burnt somehow? I mean it's not rocket science, you give the sensors their own power supply, good grounds, app pedal wired in, dlc wired in, immo turned off. How could I have burn the ecu during the rewire process? First time I turned the ign on I wasn't fused on any circuit. I know it's not ideal, but for making the engine run on the ground for 5 seconds...



The MoTeC Package uses the M150 with the Nissan VVEL Package on it. This is a Package that is designed to run the VQ and VK engines that have the VVEL system on them.