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VTEC solenoid

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Hey guys. I am in need of some help on how to wire in a VTEC solenoid on an ecu master black. I have wired it to an output and inverted it but it's not working. Am I going to have to use a relay and have it controlled by the output? Also the 2 wire Honda IAC, is it pwm controlled?

Hello it should be wired one side ignition switched 12v and the other to a aux output. is that how you have done it ?

Regards Ross

No. There is only one wire coming out of the solenoid. The body of it is the ground

I think Ross was referring to the IACV.

one side is +12v and the other to your PWM output.

For the Vtec solenoid its easiest to wire your selected VTEC output to a low side output switch and use that to trigger(GROUND) a relay and send the 87 pole to the vtc solenoid.

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