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VVT tuning and setup?

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Hello everyone! I finally purchased an ECUmasters Black ecu for my 2007 A3 3.2 Quattro DSG. I have an adapter harness so I can switch back and forth to stock ecu as needed, which helps keep the car on the road!

The car is running on the Black ecu, and I'm very confident I can fine tune the fuel maps as needed (thanks HPA!) (ignition will be on dyno) but where I am stuck at is with the VVT. Even though Ecumasters supplied me with a base map, it's actually for an MK4 R32 vs mine, which is an MK5 and has some differences in the vvti strategy (and hardware).

The engine is a BUB 3.2 vr6 as found in the MK5 Golf R32. I know that the intake cam has total 52 degree range while the exhaust cam has 40 degree range, but I don't know what other adjustments are needed besides the actual mapping. For example, what is the offset and what should it be at?

Is there a way to calculate what I should enter as parameters? Or can I use the factory ecu with VCDS to get any values that should be entered in the Black?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated!!


I haven't used the ECU Master black as yet, however the actual tuning or optimisation of the cam angles is going to be the same as any other ECU. You could start by logging the stock cam angle if you like and this will give you a starting point however the load axis isn't going to be the same between stock and the ECU Master so you may not find it that helpful. I'd suggest you watch the following webinars to see how to optimise the cam angles:



The offset parameter according to the ECU Master manual needs to be adjusted so that the cam angle reads zero with the engine running and the cam control solenoid not operating (you can just unplug it).

Thank you so much Andre!!! I'll check it out!

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