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Vvti tuning procedures?

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Hello there

When should i tune the cam control map?

I am using haltech elite 750 on toyota 1nzfe engine

I've finished wiring and now will tune this engine

What is the correct procedures to tune vvti map?

I mean keep the vvti with zeros and go for fuel and ignition finally start to tune the vvti? Or should i tune together fuel, ignition and cam control maps?

Thanks in advance

Variable Cam Control is usually the first thing you want to dial in, as this very map is changing the VE of the engine accross the whole RPM range.

You can tune your fuel and ignition map to a safe base line, then dial in the VVTi map, and afterwards revisit the complete fuel and ignition map for the final tuning.

Or if you're bit more experienced, do it all at once in steady state for each RPM and load cell.

Thanks KGPerformance for your reply,

Thats what i think to do to hire hourly eddy current dyno and work on

Is there any starting values for vvt map to be as starting point?


In my way doing single vvti mode is just run on 3 to 4 ramp run on dyno.

Of course u have to play safe on fuel and ing before u do this.

I would say put 10 then 20 then 30 on the vvti map

Then compare all them

Let say 10 deg best trq in the lower rpm between 2000-3500

Then 20 are better on 3500-5000

30 bestter at 5000 up.

Combine all of them together you will get a good base vvti map.

Usually i would do another run to confirm what i did. And do some more fine adjustment between them

Be sure to re checked that the actual cam position is the same with our target map.

Otherwise.. this is a waste of time

Good luck

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