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VW 1.8T 20v + VW DSG DQ250 with a Link G4+

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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this combo. I have and the idea on how to make this work mechanically but not sure if there is a way to get this to work with the ECM for ign cuts for gear changes and or how to read this from the mechatronics unit.

Any input would be great!

Thanks all!

The most common option is to use the HTG GCU to control the gearbox, you need to open up the mechatronics unit and bypass a lot of the electronics inside. It is fairly straight forward if you are mechanically minded and HTG have good instructions. https://htg-tuning.com/

The GCU then talks to the ecu via CAN for a load signal and the torque reduction etc.

Hey Adam,

do you happen to have a base setup for a DQ250 and a Link g4+, or even just a DQ250 for something to look at?

I dont sorry. I have set up the CAN for a couple of drifters with the HTG controlling a Getrag DCT with clutch by wire etc. The set up in the ECU side is pretty simple with just APS, MAP, RPM transmitted to the GCU and cut request, blip request and gear position received from the GCU.

Happy to help you set up the CAN and basic cut/blip in the Link if you go that way (still takes lots of tuning from there to get it right afterwards).

ignitron ecu, check them out. zseveral guys running 1.8t in a swapped car and factory chassis for 1.8t M#7.xx and using the plug in ignitron ecu to control it. from gen1 haldex and dq250 and other combos.

otherwise, there is a great write up on the vwvortex as well, in the 1.8t technical forum

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