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vw golf tsi turbo/supercharged tune with oem ecu

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Hi there Andre im going to attempt my first tune on a vw golf tsi turbo/supercharge as the owner cannot find anyone to tune it locally.

I would like to do it as im one that enjoys challenges, so with you being quite experienced in all aspects what are these vehicles like to tune with oem ecu. The engine has been modified internally. the owner has even sent his ecu to greece to try and get it remapped etc from a tuner that said he can do what ever he needed to do. well it didnt work unfortunately. the owner has all the software and plugs needed to tune vehicle .

now my question is why will no dyno tuner touch or attempt to tune this vehicle?

Is there anything i need to be careful of when attemptig to tune it, or is this too complicated for a first ever tune , do i need to be an experienced tuner to tune this vw.

Thanks Lyle

Unfortunately I've had very limited experience with VAG reflashing so I'm probably not the best person to ask about this. I'd take a guess that the Australian tuning market is similar to NZ where european car tuning is much less prominent than ADM/USDM/JDM so most tuners probably aren't keen to take on the tuning because it falls outside their experience. If you have software to tune the ECU then you're probably already ahead of the ball and I certainly wouldn't shy away from attempting to tune it. There are members here who deal with VAG ECUs who may be able to help with specific questions once you get started.

What tools and software will you be using to tune this car?

If it's tsi I'm geussing it's a mk6 GTi?

What tools and software will you be using to tune this car?

If it's tsi I'm geussing it's a mk6 GTi?

The owner has all the tools and software needed to tune vehicle. As far as I'm aware that it's a golf tsi 1.4litre turbo/supercharged.

He will bring the vehicle over once I have enough info and details on tuning the golf. So I haven't seen the tools and software yet but as far as I know he had just purchased it about a month ago.

Regards Lyle

you really need to start with what software you will be using, I am in the US and I deal mainly with eurodyne for vw audi and Porsche when remapping the factory bosch ecu, if you are going to attempt it with some ktag cable and winols then be ready to tune and read for about a month as it is very in depth and confusing (for me anyway), aside from that I'm not sure what other software if any are out there for remapping and not just flashing a known stage1 or stage2 map as it would be called, with that being said get back to us when you have the software in hand


You need to be experienced to tune anything post 2008, there is no quick an easy flash on the modern euro ecus, without software like WinOLS, BDM, Kess/Ktag, ect. If you dont know what your doing the 'checksum" will eat you.

OEM ecu programmers are continually changing tack, the days of having a timing map and AFR map that you can adjust are gone. Many run as "driver request" and then there will be 6 or more of those of depending on "situation". Ah, then you think you will just crank up the torque everywhere, no no no, your wheel speed and torque don't match your gearbox expectations and, 'it does not compute"

Having said that, there are good gains for the Golf GTi with a tune.

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