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VW R32 Turbo injector recommendation - 1000hp+ E85

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I'm looking for a recommendation for injectors for use on an R32 turbo engine running E85. I will be running a flex fuel setup so need something that will run aceptably on pump fuel. I don't really want to go to a 12 injector setup if I can help it so I'm looking at around 1600-1700cc injectors.

I was looking at the ID 1700x but they say they wont fit in the R32 head. I think you may be able to make them work with the correct adaptors and maybe a little bit of notching the head to clearence the connector plug. Also considered the Xspurt 1600cc - again not sure if these can be made to fit or if shrouding will be a problem where they sit in the head.

Anyone got experience of large injectors for the VW R32?

Many thanks!

The ID and Xspurt injectors are both derived from the same Bosch EV14 injector body so if you know that the ID won't fit then you'll likely have the same issue with the XSpurt. Personally I'd be looking at making whatever changes you need in order to fit the ID1700's in the engine. Whether this is possible I can't say since I've never tried it myself.