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Vw vag coil dwell

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Does anyone have a good site with dwell information on the VW vag 4 pack coil? Trying to find the best dwell for this coil. Right now 3 ms and it fires very well. I just want to make Shure I'm not under or over with it

I would find a away to test it yourself using an oscilloscope and a current probe.

Sounds a bit on the excessive side to me. I have done some brief testing with the common red "R8 coil". Here is some info from an old post of mine:


Thank you guys so much. I set it back to the graph "roughly where you have it " and it's working smoothly. Great info !

What management?

I have tables for the fsi coils for maestro and ignitron.

hey bud , im useing the fuel tech ft450. im going to swap out the vag coil and go with cop soon. i have the factory saab ones. but cant find any info on them for the dwell . so for now the vag is working. how do you like the fsi coils?

I don't use them, I use R8 4.2l V8 unit;s, aka red tops, they're just 20v units.

I just have customers who use them though, they're all pretty similar, no real gains or improvements at all. Most issues and weaknesses are from the coil harness being old and beaten up, old plugs/coils and such.

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