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Wanting to start tuning my 98 E36 M3. Any suggestions on where to start...

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Hi guys, I've got a 98 BMW M3 I've cam'd and supercharged and although it runs decent right now, I think there's room for improvement and I don't want to trust a tuner half way across the U.S. to send me a tune with zero recourse if it's end up being too lean and fries my engine so in starting to learn this program, what will I need to do in order to not only begin datalogging but also because able to eventually tune my car? I have a wideband sensor which I want to try and work into tuning with also.

Thanks for you help on tackling this project

What is your ecu ?

I tuned alot of supercharger bmw engine

What hp u making? At what boost

Good Morning and thanks for replying to my post. I have the stock BMW ECU. Prior to replacing my head gasket and head bolts, plus my timing chain and guides, I was making 355WHP at 8.2lbs of boost. It's more responsive now and doesn't overhead anymore which is nice lol. I had been getting my tunes from technic motorsports in Atlanta Georgia but I was having such a hard time actually recording a decent datalog to send them (maybe shitty software) that after I did all the repairs, I was super rich and he just kept sending me tunes to upload (through me describing how it was reacting) till I was in the 14.7afr range.

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