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Can somebody shed some light which wastegate to go for on 700hp 2j, electric or mechanical and why?

I'm not too worried about the cost, just want the best solution.

Can't help, personally, but for those that can it would help if you gave more information - such as ECU, single or dual turbo's, what the vehicle is being used for, etc?

It will be on Soarer + vvti2j (brand new block , cylinder head, all professionally built) + bmw dct , ecumaster ecu , pdm, whole wiring , no sure of turbo yet, thinking garret Gseries at the moment, single turbo.

street use

Unless you have a very specific use case I don't think electronic gates are worth the extra cost or complexity and are unlikely to be as reliable as conventional pneumatic actuated wastegates.

I've seen more of the Electric Waste gates being removed from engines than I have seen being put on of late. They are a good idea in theory, but the current commonly used one doesn't quite hit the targets for most markets.

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