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Water Meth Injection, Link G4 Supralink

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Hi guys,

After watching the webinar on water meth, I have a much better understanding to setup the AEM water meth on my Supra (stock turbo,Link G4+ plugin).

Car is running 0.9bar boost on table 1, will use the water meth to push the boost up to 1.2bar.

Just want to run the setup on the ECU through those more experienced for confirmation.

As mentioned in the webinar, will get the failsafe to protect the car if any issues with flow & the boost safe from the controller is already connected to the ECU. I think the flow failsafe can be joined to the controller boost safe, need to confirm this.

Pressure feed from the pump already hooked up to the ECU as an analogue input , will use this as a virtual aux setup as a GP output to trigger related trims.

I think I can add the condition for swtiching that the boost safe DI must be OFF so if it triggers can returns to base settings, can someone confirm that?

Addtional Boost table for 1.2 bar to be tuned (using open loop), trigger as above.

Ignition timing will be tuned on the road, listening for knock. Here will run a 4D trim table triggered by the above aux.

Fuel table will leave as is, allowing the CL Lambda to take care. If it runs rich will add a 4D trim to lean out the fuel, triggered as above.

Think I have covered everything, hope someone can confirm my thinking is OK.

Hi Rajeev,

Sounds all good to me. This is exactly how I tend to do it.

Most of the kits I have used will run just a digital output for level and flow if it drops.

Wire this into a DI on ecu and have it as active when the level and flow are good. Then off when the flow/level drops/stops. Using that DI to activate either a 4D table or you can use a duel table if you wish. Also activates a second boost table for higher boost levels.

Same can be done as you're saying using an analogue input if your system gives you pressure feed. Then using your Virtual aux as a GP output and based on your required pressure conditions to switch these tables on.

Thanks Chris!