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Water/ Meth Injection

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Hey Andre have you ever tuned using water/ meth injection ? If so could you explain how it was different to tuning straight fuel .

Why it was / wasnt better or why you would want to use it. advantages ect.

Really basic answer is, Water is a cooling agent and the methanol adds octane.

and it will richen up your air fuel mixture, so once you inject the water/meth mix you can subtract some fuel to get to your desired target AFR

If you look back into the origins of water meth you'll see that you don't really need to add meth to the mix, it was only added to the mixture to prevent it from freezing originally.

My personal preference is to use it as a safety buffer rather than a dialled in part of the tune, that way if your tank runs out then you will only end up with hotter intake temps, which your ECU should be able to compensate for.

Are you planning on using an independent controller?

I used it on my last build. It was switched using a Hobbs switch at 4 psi. Very basic I know. Just wanted to see if anyone has made any real performance gains from it. Before / after ect.

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