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Water methanol injection

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hey guys

i know that the water meth injection with pump gas is magic and agree, but with high boosted engines runs on E85 is it worth it to use it ? The IATs is not to high and I've no access to dyno to see if the engine is knock limited or not howa can I decide

If using E85 I think the general consensus is it's not worth it as the E85 will have a bigger effect than the methanol ever would

Well, both water and methanol consume more energy to evaporate comparing to ethanol. It helps to cool down combustion chamber big time On top of that methanol contains more energy per unit of volume than ethanol. Both have very hight octane number - well above 100. If actual ethanol content in e85 is realy close to 85 percent than usin wmi would not be that necessary but if there is less than 85 percent of ethanol in e85 there is nothing wrong with using wmi especially with high boost levels.

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