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Water Methanol Injection strategy via PDM (WMI) (PDM16)

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I am running a water methanol kit (pump plus solenoid) controlled by Ecumaster PDM16.

PWm frequency I will set to 50Hz as a start - if someone figured out something better - let me know :-)

Question is, what would be the best injection strategy with all the possibilities the PDM16 provides

I am actually thinking of starting the pump with constant duty cycle from 120kpa - so at slight boost

Start PWm of the solenoid from 200kpa.

Would you increase duty cycle of the solenoid with increasing map / rpm ?

I will probably use a table from the ECU to control the duty cycle of the solenoid

happy to have a discussion :-)

Try controlling duty cycle of the pump based on the duty cycle of the injectors


I really like that :)

Lets see about pump duty cycle. Dont think I can keep the pressure constant with no Regulator

Additional bump

Anyone who can give me a Number for pwm frequency of the wmi pump

I did try 50hz and 100hz but I did not see any change.

The pump Works with both.but is really noisy compared to the fuel pump. Is that normal?

What frequency are you guys using?

If you'd like to piggyback off of an injector pulsewidth, but don't want to buy into their ecosystem completely, Aquamist has their Fast Acting Valve readily available.

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