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Water/meth injection tuning

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Hello everyone,

I am thinking of putting a water/meth injection system in my tb48 turbo charged engine, i am running a motec m600 ECU. And i cant find any options in the ecu manager for tuning the water/meth system, could anyone help, should i use an aux table and what about the wiring?


There isn't a dedicated water injection function in the Mx00 ECU however the ECU is very flexible and there are a few ways you could set this up. How you go about this will depend on the particular system you're running - For example does it use an external controller, will it be controlled directly from the ECU, is it switched or PWM controlled? If you're using an external controller then there will be an output that you can connect to the M600 that will tell the ECU when the water injection is active. I'd then hook this up to a spare AT input, configure it as a user channel and then utilise this as an input to a comp table for fuel/ignition/boost.

If you want to control the water injection directly through the ECU then you'd use an Aux table as a switched or PWM output depending on your preference. I would set up the table with MAP/RPM as the axis so you can accurately control when the injection is active. You could then set up comps for fuel/ign/boost with something like rpm vs AUX duty cycle to trim these aspects as required.

That's almost certainly not the only way to set this up but it's the first option that comes to mind.

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