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Hi Andre,

firstly well done on everything new in your lives, new baby ,new workshop etc etc.

I haven't had much time to read through the forums for awhile, however I have hurt my back bad and have plenty of time on my hands at present.

I would like to ask if yourself and Ben can go a little off topic but still super critical to the tuning process and do a Webinar on CORRECT FUEL SYSTEM SET UPS.

I have seen and had to deal with some of the most crudest and ridiculous fuel systems you could imagine.

You yourself would have had to deal with similar horror setups.

Examples of bad setups, such as fitting a high pressure unregulated fuel pump intank to feed a surge tank etc on a return line fuel system.

Instead of using like High Flow, Low Pressure Lift Pumps.

People using high pressure pumps as their main pump without any gravity assistance to help the pump out.

The use of massive flow fuel pumps that turn the fuel over very quickly, causing fuel temps to increase which leads to different BFSG, due to heat transfer.

Returning hot fuel back to the small surge tanks that a lot of people use these days, when in certain circumstances it should be returned to the main tank, which is a band aid fix for an in correctly setup system.

The very common use of using over sized injectors, pros and cons.

Using E85 or any alcohol based fuels and the effects on fuel lines, pumps, injectors, regulators etc.

This is a vast subject, but if you could please consider something along these lines.

I believe a lot of the people taking these courses as well as tuners will be in for quite a surprise when the truths of well constructed fuel systems are revealed as far as DO's and DON'Ts, I see a majority of DONT's and refuse to tune vehicles with poor fuel system design and setup.

I believe this would be a very good course to consider at some stage.

Afterall, the whole tuning process starts around the basic fundamentals of an assumed correctly setup fuel system.

Congratulations again Andre for the birth of your beautiful little baby and Ben for the big move.

Kind regards


Injector dynamics did a 9 part video at PRI 2012 about fuel systems. I found it very interesting and learnt a lot from it.


Hi Ducie54,

thanks for the link, I was wondering if HPA wanted to do a similar thing to add to their course line up for members.

You know a one stop shop of learning, covering as much material as possible.

As you know a correctly setup fuel system is paramount in the end result.



Hi Dave,

Thanks for the idea. It's valid and you're totally right - Poor fuel system design is a very big problem. I'll give some thought to how we could incorporate the right information into a webinar style presentation. It may be that it will be difficult to present easily in webinar form though. Leave it with me and I'll see what we can come up with :)

Hi Dave.

Yeah a course on how to setup say fuel and ignition systems would be very helpful. I can only imagine the weird and wonderful setups tuners get to see. I've changed my setup several times now and still not 100% happy with it.

Regards Nigel

Thanks for the link Ducie54. I'd give you a like or rep or a thumbs up if they were on this forum.

Hi DUCIE 54 ,

I only just realised it was you Nigel, ha ha.

How are you doing.



Yeah its me. All is well, glad our 7 days of winter is over. I should be up your way in the next couple of months, ill have to pop in.

Can you go into more detail about the pros and cons of oversized injectors. Im tossing up if I should down size my injectors but not quite sure if its worth the outlay. (sr20VET goal 600hp@flywheel on E85)

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